Vata , Pitta and Kapha are Ayurvedic Terms to describe different qualities we all have. Ayurveda like Yoga is an ancient Indian science of health; a holistic way of treating the mind and body. The idea is to work on balancing the three Doshas, (your unique body and mind type) You want to ground your Vata side to soothe your Pitta side and to uplift and rejuvenate your Kapha side. The Beautiful Mind Beautiful Body Product Range contains Essential oils to balance each Dosha; to balance Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Aromatic plants and oils have been used for thousands of years as perfumes, incense and cosmetics as well as for their medicinal and culinary applications. The ancient Egyptian, Persian, Indian, Chinese and Arab cultures made use of many aromatic oils, as did the early Greeks and Romans. In Aromatherapy, essential oils are used both for their scent and for their healing properties. Essential oils are absorbed readily through the skin and into the bloodstream and when we breathe in the aroma, the molecules of the essential oil are quickly absorbed into our bloodstream via the delicate tissues that line our lungs. Essential oils are therefore effective for both physical and emotional well being.

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"I use Julia White’s wonderful three Ayurvedic Dosha creams in the final relaxation pose at the end of every yoga class I teach. Everybody loves them! They beautifully compliment the energetic effect of Quantum Yoga practices. I highly recommend these for all yogis!"
Lara Bauman, Quantum Yoga Ltd. Founder
“Frankincense and Roses my personal most favoured. The muscle relaxing cream is one of the things I carry when going to the gym, though I also use it afterwards on over worked muscles or aches and pains, it gets absorbed quickly and smells good!”
Liliana C Servin, Yoga Teacher